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The 21 Day Challenge

Okay, so I would like to start out by saying that having an epiphany is a blessing, whether its daily or even simply when you just hit rock bottom. Once you have this type of life altering experience, it is truly how you deal with it that determines your strength and how badly your driven to reach success.

Today: Day 1:
I am releasing the negativity that has been around, or bestowed upon me by others and myself. I am beautiful. I love my body, mind and soul. I am strong, and I will overcome the adversity. I am an open, optimistic person, and I will see the positivity in any given situation. I will accept failure, for after failure comes success. I am calling upon God to release me from my own entrapment and allow for my spirit to grow positively. I am calling upon God because I am admitting that I have been in the wrong for far to long and I am in need of help and willing to accept it. I am calling upon god because I am a piece of his holy spirit and that shouldn't be treaed lightly.

On this day I am releasing all of the negative thinking, feelings, and vibrations that i give off and I am only accepting positivity in return. I will be doing 21 days of positive affirmations because it takes 21 days to kick a bad habbit or reprogram your thinking process. If you would like to join feel free! Please comment if so because I would like to see how many people are in need of a life change and who I am really inspiring. We all feed off of eachother so why not feed from positivity? :) Have a great day everyone and remember even before you let a negative thought enter your mind, release it and think about it positively!

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The 21 Day Challenge, posted February 21st, 2013

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